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Terence McShane & Ronnie Gies
Plaque Dedication Ceremony

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Terence McShane was originally assigned to Engine 308 and was on rotation for a year in Ladder 101 when he was killed at the WTC on 9/11/01. These photos are of the plaque ceremony at Engine 308 honoring Terence McShane and Ronnie Gies.

Ronnie Gies, working overtime at Rescue Squad 288, rushed from the Maspeth, Queens firehouse to the World Trade Center, arriving before the towers collapsed. Ronnie Gies and 18 others from his firehouse have never returned.

Rescue Squad 288 Website

Terence McShane

Ronnie Gies

The firehouse door memorializes Terence McShane and Ronnie Gies.

People gather in front of the firehouse.

Engine 308.

Remember Terence McShane.

Pipe and Drum band warms up.

Unveiling the plaques.

The plaques are unveiled.

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