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Firefighter Terence McShane photos:

Funeral held on November 17, 2001
at Deer Park, Long Island.

Terence McShane Obituary

The life of Terence McShane, so full and so brief, could be measured by his friendships. There were the buddies from Sts. Cyril and Methodius parish, St. Anthony's High School, lifeguarding, Siena College, rugby, his decade as a New York police officer, and the two years he spent as a city firefighter.

Terence McShane

coneyi.jpg Ladder 101 at Coney Island.
Terence is on the far right.

Terence McShane CD Website
A Song in Memory of
Terence McShane

Terence and Cathy McShane
Christmas 1998.

Terence and Cathy McShane.

Terence McShane with his children.

McShane family at Niagra Falls.

In Sympathy..
Remembrance of Sept 11th, 2001
To the McShane Family:
The angels sang Amazing Grace, The Lord came down and touched your face, He held your hand and whispered low, "Come with me Terence, it's time to go." The Gates of Heaven opened wide, With your Father, and Aunt Margaret side by side. A special guest was on his way, The day they took Terence McShane away.
from cousin Patrick
artwork by Pat Crawford
Terence McShane Memorial

Artwork created by Pat Crawford.
P. C. Graphics Memorial Art would like to take this opportunity to send its condolences to all the families throughout the world affected by this attack. This atrocity was a world wide abomination and we send our deepest sympathy to all our friends affected by this terrorist act. Especially to Paddy Doyle in New York, whose cousin, Terence McShane, died in this attack trying to save lives while doing his job as a NY fireman. We would also like send our praise to the NYFD and NYPD, and all of the thousands of volunteers, for their tireless efforts to reunite families in whatever way possible following this outrage.

The FDNY's Emerald Pipes and Drums Band lead the procession.

The casket arrives carried on a vintage firetruck.

The service over,
Firefighters salute the casket.

Fellow firefighters escort the vintage firetruck bearing Terence.

Ladder 101 Captain Tom Giordano.

Engine 202 Captain Ed Kearon.

Momentos of Terence Mcshane.

Terence Mcshane's helments.
He was permanently assigned to Engine 308, but died while on rotation with Ladder 101.

Terence was permanently assigned to Engine 308, but died while on rotation with Ladder 101.

Terence McShane's helmet painted on the door of Engine 308.

Missing person notices at
Saint Vincent's Hospital,
Greenwich Village, New York City.

Terence Mcshane missing person notice at Saint Vincent's Hospital

On August 29, 2003, a memorial for New York City Firefighter Terence McShane was dedicated at the Town of Babylon's (Long Island, NY) Overlook Beach. Terence McShane, one of the seven members of FDNY Ladder 101 killed at the World Trade Center on 9/11/01, grew up in Deer Park, Long Island, later worked as a lifeguard at Overlook Beach, on the Atlantic Ocean. Terence and his wife Cathy spent many happy days at Overlook Beach.

A Group of Rugby Enthusiasts from New Zealand, Australia, Wales and the U.S. help fireman's family.
LIRUGBY.COM Memorial to Terence

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