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Some Pictures of our Firehouse:

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September, 2001
Engine 202 / Ladder 101 the week following the WTC attack.

September, 2001
The memorial for the seven men lost by Ladder 101 at the WTC.

September, 2001
The jackets of the Seven in Heaven of Ladder 101 lost at the WTC.

sal_calabro.jpg Sal Calabro. He was with Ladder 101 fourteen years before he was lost at the WTC.

September, 2001
Ladder 101 under the collapsed north bridge on West Street. This was directly in front of WTC tower 1 (North Tower).

September, 2001
The remains of Ladder 101. Why.

February, 2002
The brand new Ladder 101 alongside Engine 202.

February, 2002
Another view of our trucks.

Pre September 11
Engine 202 on the Redhook waterfront, with a view of the
Statue of Liberty.
This truck was destroyed at the WTC.

February 2002
The brand new Ladder 101
on the Redhook waterfront.

February 2002
Brand new Ladder 101
on Redhook waterfront.

February 2002
Ladder 101 Captain Tom Giordano during his final week before being promoted to Battalion Chief.

February 2002
Ladder 101 Firefighters.

The names of the firefighters lost at the WTC are painted on the side of the cab of Ladder 101.

April 2002
The brand new Engine 202 truck.
This replaces the truck lost at the WTC.

May 2003
Engine 202 in front of our firehouse.

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