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Pictures from the Street Naming - Firefighter Brian Cannizzaro Way:

November 22, 2003 on Staten Island.

Brian Cannizzaro Photos

Tender Dad at Home,
Was a Rambo at a Fire

Brian was lost at the WTC on 9/11/2001. He was last seen evacuating workers in the lobby of Tower Two (South Tower). Seven firefighters from Ladder 101 were lost that morning.

Brian Cannizzaro

briansphoto_250 (19K) Brian's photo

sam_250 (22K) Brian's father

captg2_150 (14K)
Brian's Ladder 101 captain
opens the ceremony.

colors_250 (23K)
Presentation of the Colors.

molinari_250 (22K) Staten Island Borough President Molinari speaks of Brian.

brother_250 (23K) Brian's brother tells storys of growing up on this corner.

brother2_250 (23K)
Guests listen as Brian's brother tells stories of sleding and playing stickball with his brother on this street.

unveiling_250 (22K) Brian's wife and son pull the string unveiling the new street sign.

unveiled_250 (22K)
The new sign is unveiled.

unveiled2_250 (22K) Brian's young son needs instruction as to where his father's street sign is located.

streetsign_250 (13K)
Firefighter Brian Cannizzaro Way.

prayer_250 (23K) A priest leads a prayer following the sign's unveiling.

blessing_200 (22K)
The Priest sprinkles Holy Water near the new sign.

house2_250 (22K) The guests share food and conversation following the ceremony.

shrine2_250 (20K)
A shrine to Brian.

statement_250 (23K) A message of thanks to the community from the Cannizzaro family.

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