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Firefighter Salvatore Calabro photos:


Memorial Service held on
November 19, 2001 on Staten Island.

Salvatore Calabro Obituary

Salvatore Calabro, 38, was a firefighter who loved to read about the history and heroes of World War II and the Vietnam War. Always patriotic, he was wearing an American flag patch on his uniform when he responded to the World Trade Center attacks. "The flag was on his uniform sleeve and his turnout coat. He was a real American," said his wife, Francine. A 14-year veteran of the Fire Department, he loved his job but he was happiest watching his young sons grow up. "He was an unbelievable dad," his wife said.
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Ladder 101 at Coney Island.
Sal is on the far left.

sal_calabro.jpg Sal Calabro. He was with Ladder 101 fourteen years before he was lost at the WTC.

salandtruck.jpg Sal in front of Ladder 101.

sal2.jpg Sal wearing his firefighter gear.

calabrobk1.jpg Mass Book from memorial service.

calabrobk3.jpg Mass Book from memorial service.

calabrobk2.jpg Sal and his kids from the Mass Book.

Sal's Badge Number.

calabro2.jpg Moments before the start of the service.

calabrofun2.jpg Flag bearers lead the procession.

calabrofun1.jpg The firetrucks proceed the mourners.

calabrofun3.jpg The family and friends of
Firefighter Salvatore Calabro.

On March 1, 2003, The street on Staten Island where Sal lived with his family, was renamed Firefighter Salvatore Calabro Place in his honor.

Firefighter Salvatore Calabro Place.

Firefighter Salvatore Calabro Place.

Painting showing the faces of the many firefighters and police lost at the WTC. Sal is in the center of the bottom row.

Firefighter Salvatore Calabro Place.

Sal's brother and sister.

Remembering Salvatore Calabro.

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