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Engine 202 / Ladder 101 Firefighters in Action:

Leaf fire in Redhook Park,   December 2001.

Redhook Park.

Redhook Park.
The onlookers keep their distance.

Mission Accomplished.

Engine 202 on building inspection,   January 2002.

Looking toward Downtown Manhattan and the missing WTC
from a Redhook rooftop.

Redhook rooftop.

Redhook rooftop.

The church steeple,
a Redhook landmark.

Redhook rooftop.

Engine 202 responds to a call to Downtown Manhattan    July 2002.

William Street,
Downtown Manhattan.

Engine 202 Firefighters.

Firetrucks converge on the narrow streets of downtown Manhattan.

Engine 202 Firefighter.

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